New Builds

New Builds

At Page & Daley Builders, we have immeasurable experience in building quality homes and commercial buildings. From custom-built homes to a place for your large or small business to happen, we do it all. And, that includes project management as well.

In addition, we have the expertise for advising you regarding whether the land you choose is suitable for the house or commercial building that you are planning to build there. We can also arrange for geotechnical reports and contour surveying.

We have registered architects available for working closely on your home design with you to ensure that everything is in keeping with your needs. You can count on the resultant design to provide optimum light and space, as well as utilizing materials that provide resale value for your home plus ease of maintenance.

At Page & Daley Builders, we view the entire building process as a collaborative effort between client, designer and builder for the purpose of achieving the preferred results. We are always ready to work closely with you, your designer or ours, and any suppliers and sub-contractors involved in the building process. Our personalized service continues through all phases of building your home or business, and we can perform our new build services to whatever stage that you choose.

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